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1-Acre Gem On the Quiet Side of Ocala, FL! 42 Minutes Outside Downtown

Satisfyingly cozy small-town feel, and the myriad of opportunities for outdoor recreation.

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$14,824 Down Payment $800

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$250 Documentation Nonrefundable Upfront Fee.


A verdant landscape, that satisfyingly-cozy small-town feel, and the myriad of opportunities for outdoor recreation – all these await you when you buy this 1-acre gem hidden west of Ocala, FL! Cozily snuggled along SE 125th Ct, this lot enjoys a convenient road access that makes the big city reachable in minutes and the tranquil surroundings of its location. Mobile homes and RV’s are not allowed so, a permanent home is the only structure that you can build on it.

Although it has a good distance from the city, this rough diamond does not lack in amenities. Just 230 ft from your property is the nearest power pole and has an excellent paved road frontage. Other utilities may still need installing. No need to worry about HOA fees because this parcel is not a part of any.

13 miles south of your property is the bustling downtown of Dunnellon – home to some of the best schools, parks, stores, boutiques, and restaurants that Marion county has to offer. Orlando is 97.8 miles away from your new property.

This lot’s easy road access not only lets you reach the bustling city; it also gives you easy access to the vibrant communities nearby. Marion County takes pride in its natural wonders – cool off in crystal clear springs, zip line through the trees, explore endless trails at your own pace, and treat yourself to meals, nights, and memories you’ll be talking about for years.

Too many things to do.

Feel free to drive by and walk the property at your convenience.

Interested in Vacant Land, Stick with Wally’s Land.  Call or text Wally at 310-933-4418, or email at [email protected] for more information.

GPS 4 corners coordinates:

29.164946, -82.559867   (front property)

29.164950, -82.558897   (front property)

29.165335, -82.558899   (rear property)

29.165331, -82.559870   (rear property)

Property Information





308.88 ft x 140.18 ft x 308.91 ft x 140.75 ft






Would need to dig a well


29.165159, -82.559391


RR-3C single-Family,


55.8 ft


Would need to install septic

Rainbow Springs State Park

Winding River Garden

Eco-Walk Trailhead Crystal River Preserve State Park

Halpata Tastanaki Nature Preserve

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